NAZAR PYRAMID KFT. has been operating in the field of prodcution of steel kitchen sinks for more than 25 years. Although the company meets the needs of a
great portion of the domestic market, it has exports to several countries. Focusing on high quality productions, NAZAR PYRAMID K.F.T has created its line with different styles and models.

Adopting the innovations of the latest technology into its production process, the company aims to satisfy its customers swiftly and correctly.
The company continues its production with staff on experts and ever-improving quality understanding.

Contuniuning its production efforts making no compromise of quality, NAZAR PYRAMID K.F.T chooses materials it will use in its productions line based keeping this vision
always in mind.

AISI 304 BA 18/10 CR.NI. stainless steel complying with European standards is used to produce the products. It has adopted the principle of discipline and meticulousness at all stages of production, producing its range products with the same discipline and meticulousness.

As leader of its sector, NAZAR PYRAMID KFT. is proud to be offering the highest quality and services to its customers.

Best regards, in the hope of cooperation